The Famous Menton Lemon Festival 2017

Introduction to the Festival

The Menton Lemon Festival brings the French Riviera to life each February in one of the most creatively unusual ways imaginable. What started in 1929, when a hotelier organised an exhibition of flowers and citrus fruits in the garden of Hotel Riviera, has flourished into the one of the largest events in the French Riviera, attracting a greater crowd even than Monaco’s Grand Prix.

Video credit: Fête du Citron

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The Parks and Gardens of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is an incredibly appealing place to set up home. Aside from some of the world’s most luxurious real estate, Monaco offers world-famous cultural events, easy access to most of the Mediterranean, and a scenic environment to enjoy. In addition to the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the verdant mountains that tower above, various parks and gardens are scattered throughout the settlement, enriching the scenery and the standard of living for Monaco’s inhabitants. We’ve compiled a list of Monaco’s major parks for you to enjoy throughout the year. Continue reading

To Buy or Not to Buy? LCPM Interviews Personal Shopper Emmanuelle

A celebrated haven for the world’s social elite, Monaco enjoys a luxury infrastructure that is second to none. Aside from luxury real estate, a port full of superyachts, and some of the finest restaurants in the world, Monaco offers internationally renowned luxury shopping opportunities. To find out more aboutthe benefits of a personal shopper in Monaco, and luxury shopping in the Principality, we spoke to Emmanuelle – a personal shopper in Monaco.  Continue reading

Riding the (Radio) Waves in Monaco

For the small Principality that it is, Monaco has an astounding number of radio stations, with approximately 100 competing for your attention. Choosing which station should be the soundtrack for your luxury Monaco real estate is a veritable challenge.

First, pick your language from French, Monegasque, Italian, English, German, Russian, and more; the varied selection is truly representative of the cosmopolitan hub that the Principality is. Secondly, choose your style. Are you the intellectual radio listener with a penchant for stimulating talk? Do you like to follow inspirational and motivational programmes? Or is it music you’re tuning into? Finally, pick your genre: jazz, pop, rock, or classical? Continue reading

Champion’s Promenade: The Golden Foot Awards 2016

The attention of the footballing world turned to Monaco on Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th October 2016, as the recipient of the coveted Golden Foot award was announced after great anticipation. Since 2003, the Golden Foot awards have celebrated footballing legends and current world greats, as voted by the world’s press and the general public. Footballing legends win the the chance to have their footprints moulded on a golden plaque and placed on the Champion’s Promenade, surrounded by some of the most luxurious real estate in the world, in Monaco for generations to come.

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