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How to sell a property in Monaco

The exclusivity of Monaco remains unparalleled. With an array of world-class events all year round, fine-dining and views of the Mediterranean, properties for sale in Monaco remain the most expensive and highly sought after in the world. With premium market intelligence and real estate experience, our team at La Costa Properties Monaco are here to help you smoothly sell your property in Monaco.

For property investors around the world and within Monaco, selling apartments within the principality is a unique business opportunity, creating an impressive return on investments.

Sell a property in Monaco

Why sell a property in Monaco?

With such a strong demand from the world's wealthiest for new properties, Monaco property owners may wish to sell their houses or apartments for several financial reasons. Those looking to sell a Monaco property may wish to release assets to invest elsewhere or seek a larger property in the principality, either as a family home or as rental property.

Despite slightly dipping over the past two years, there have been record price increases over the past 10 years, with the average house price increasing by nearly 35%. In 2020, the average property price in Monaco was worth more than 3.1 million euros.

At present, there has been a recent demand for larger properties within the principality in order to meet the needs of the entire family. So, for homeowners in Monaco, selling apartments that are larger in size comes with great financial incentives.

How long does it take to sell a property in Monaco?

Homeowners should expect to sell a property in Monaco very quickly. Home to celebrities, VIPs, and other global elites, Monaco’s appeal is undeniable. Michelin-star dining, luxury boutiques, an exceptional sporting calendar all year round, views of the Mediterranean Sea and its favourable tax regime and political and economic stability all contribute to its international reputation.

Monaco’s real estate market is heavily constrained by available land - making properties for sale exceptionally sought-after. So, although there are several new developments expected to be built in the near future, the supply of new property is scarce. Together, these factors mean that demand for real estate of all types is extremely high, making it an advantageous time to sell.

To make sure your property for sale is at the forefront for potential buyers, contact us at La Costa Properties Monaco.

How to sell a property in Monaco?

If you are wondering how to sell an apartment in Monaco, then contact the multilingual team at La Costa Properties Monaco.

Based in Monaco for over 30 years, our market intelligence and experience has enabled us to establish ourselves as the most well respected real estate agency in Monaco. With an impeccable portfolio of qualified buyers and contacts, we are relied upon by the world’s most discerning individuals to sell various types of properties throughout Monaco.

At La Costa Properties Monaco, we offer property owners the chance to sell a property in Monaco through traditional marketing methods on public platforms, as well as off-market sales methods ensuring high levels of privacy and discretion. As such, buying and selling off-market properties requires the help and guidance of our skilled team and unparalleled client contact list.

We are also a member of La Chambre Immobilière de Monaco, a body that represents the leading estate agencies in the principality, putting our clients at ease.


If you wish to find out more about how to sell a property in Monaco, then contact our Monaco real estate agency today.