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Commercial Property in Monaco

Commercial property in Monaco is an attractive option for international investors. The advantageous tax system for Monaco residents, combined with the sunny climate and Mediterranean lifestyle, make it an excellent base for a variety of industries. From retail shops to office-based companies, all manner of Monaco’s businesses thrive due to its prestigious reputation and location at the heart of the Cote d'Azur. The Principality's limited space means that the value of any investment will only appreciate over time. With just two square kilometres of prime real estate, it is not surprising that buying or renting commercial property in Monaco is big business.

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The Principality of Monaco is not only one of the most beautiful states in the world, but it is also one of the most exclusive. Although commercial property in Monaco is expensive, it comes with a high quality of life and attracts the most millionaires per capita in the world. Security isn’t a concern since the crime rate is low and 24-hour security is a common feature of many commercial properties. Most upper floor offices have sea views and are close to the most exclusive restaurants to wine and dine potential clients. Likewise, events such as the Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show provide fantastic opportunities for corporate hospitality. The central location of Monaco on the Cote D’Azur makes it easily accessible by road, air and train. Communications and local business infrastructure are modern and efficient. There is a level of prestige in basing your business in Monaco that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Five Reasons to Run a Business from Monaco

  1. The Principality still levies no taxes on its residents.
  2. Monaco is easily accessible from all corners of the globe with Nice Airport just 30 minutes drive or 7 minutes via luxury helicopter transfer.
  3. Monaco is not an official member of the EU but there are bilateral and reciprocal agreements between France and Monaco and it uses the euro as currency.
  4. Around 2,000 millionaires permanently or partially base themselves in Monaco - a valuable source of potential clients.
  5. It is politically stable, has an excellent infrastructure and the government supports entrepreneurs wishing to rent or buy commercial property in Monaco.

What Type of Business Does Well in Monaco?

Monaco is home to a range of industries but the overwhelming majority are connected with tourism, which makes up 95 percent of the country’s GDP. The glorious weather, rich programme of events and the famous attractions make Monaco an alluring destination for discerning tourists. Its abundance of designer shops and restaurants ensures most visitors are wealthy or have a substantial disposable income, so it is an ideal base for retail and hospitality. The port is a big draw for seafaring visitors and is a prime attraction for those who offer services related to yachting. The Principality is an important international trading centre and business owners invest in commercial property in Monaco to export the local produce. Other important industries include transport, plastics, precision engineering, textiles, ceramics, and construction.

Good to know

  1. There are around 300 days of sunshine per year.
  2. Monaco residents/employees receive 11 paid Bank Holidays per year. 
  3. Monaco boasts high-level security solutions and 24-hour video surveillance covers the entire Principality for safety.

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